FFXIV Write Day 4: Off the Hook

...The ship ride to Kugane had lasted months at this point.

Mint felt ready to vibrate out of her own skin.

Up to this point, she'd never had to stay in one spot so long. So long as whereever she was was within a short ride of an aetheryte, Mint had no compunctions about teleporting wheresoever she pleased. Honestly, she didn't understand how other people survived without the convinience. Being able to teleport here and there seemed like something integral to living, if you asked her. Only getting to teleport every few days, if that? Teleporting causing *aether sickness?* It sounded terrible.

...Of course, none of that was counting the years she spent in her foster father's care, but well. It was probably best not to count that time.

Either way, it didn't matter. Here on this deck, she was months away from an aetheryte, and if she left there was *no* getting back.

So she paced. She did chores. She crafted her entire stock of miscellanea into... anything. She handspun yarn, she weaved that yarn into cloth, she sewed that cloth into increasingly under par scarves and hats...

Eventually, a crew member shook his head and walked over. "Have ye thought about learnin' t' fish?"