FFXIV Write 2023

Page 1
Envoy: Set in ARR, Mint Nainyene sees the sea for the first time. (Or does she?)
Page 2
Bark: Set in STB, the WOL sees the sights in Kugane, and also a dog.
Page 3
Extra Credit! Nightmares: Set roughly in 5.4, 5.5, the WOL has a nightmare... One they need to confront.
Page 4
Off the Hook: Set in STB, trapped on board a ship to Kugane, the WOL questions their life choices. There's only so much to do aboard a ship.
Page 6
Ring: Set ambigiously post EW, the WOL... pops the question. Maybe.
Page 8
Shed: Set ambigiously mid SHB, the WOL has to face the facts. Of how often fur sheds.
Page 9
Fair: Set pre ARR, Mint begs her case to see the world.
Page 10
Extra Credit! Saying Goodbyes: FF10 AU, summoner G'raha Tia prepares for the journey ahead. Krile says her farewells.
Page 11
Once Bitten, Twice Shy: Set post 5.3, the WOL has news... but doesn't really know what to say.
Page 12
Dowdy: Set post 5.3, the WOL has some Opinions on fashion in Eorzea. Tataru... thinks about it.
Page 15
Portentious: Set early HW, the WOL hears the Ishgard bells.
Page 16
Jerk: Post ARR. Alphinaud and the WOL talk after it all.
Page 17
Free day, What is Lost: Set mid-EW patches. G'raha Tia thinks on the WOL and Themis.
Page 18
Fish Out of Water: Alisaie, as it happens, is a sister. These things happen to siblings.
Page 20
Hamper: The WOL tries to remember, even when their brain doesn't agree.