FFXIV Write Day 20: Hamper

"Mint flipped idly through their notebook. It was a cloudy day, and outside the sun was just starting to set. The golden light filtering through the window was soothing, and without thought, they settled into a rhythm.

Flip. Flip.

Footsteps. "Hey."

Mint hmm-ed.

Y'shtola drew a bit closer, lingering over one shoulder. "What are you doing?"

Mint paused, and cast their net into a total void of recollection. Hadn't they had... something they were meaning to do? There was.

(Empty, empty, empty. Where was the thought, where was the memory-)

There was something, surely. They had their notebook out, surely it had something to do with it. Mint scanned the notebooks pages for any hint of what they were doing. Nothing stuck out.

In the back of their head, right near the spine a slight flicker of pain flashed.

The only thing Mint knew for sure was the absense of the memory. That there was something gone that should be remembered.

...How long had they been quiet?

Mint smiled politely past the fog. "Oh, nothing. Its a nice day, isn't it?"