FFXIV Write Day 12: Dowdy

"So, if I could ask... What would you want from a new outfit?" Tataru pulled her notebook out with a grin. "Everybody else has gotten a new outfit, but you have been wearing the same outfit since." Tataru mathed it out quickly, the battle against Shinryu was... "since at least a year ago. You aren't even solely a caster anymore are you?"

Mint clutched the tea cup a bit tightly, avoiding her gaze. Hmph! Well that wouldn't do.

"I don't mind making anything, you know." Tataru cajoled. "You can even draw a couple sketches of what you mean."


Ah, a crack! Tataru pounced. "Yes, really. So, any thoughts?"

In a burst of movement, Mint pulled out their own notebook, and flipped to a page already stuffed with sketches. "So, I've always felt like the fashion in Eorzea was so limited. Where are all the belts? The zippers! The accessories."

("'Zippers'?" Tataru mouthed.)

"So! I've only started getting enough memories recently in order to get even this far with my sketching." Mint pointed at the sketch on the bottom right corner. "In particular, I think an outfit needs layers. Personally I think I always leaned towards the fits with a vest. Oh, and of course, the fingerless gloves." Mint tapped that detail in particular. "I think that might actually even be practical."

Tataru scanned the page, and wondered at the truly alien fashion on display. "I'll... see what I can do."