FFXIV Write Day 11: Once Bitten, Twice Shy

Mint tapped their quill against their cheek. It tickled slightly, but not nearly enough to distract from the blank page in front of her.

...What could she even write?

Throwing the quill down, they leant back with a groan. Despite everything, Mint had finally started finding what they were looking for. It was bare scraps compared to the memories most would carry but they had it.


A keyblade.

The weight of each.

Raising an arm, Mint summoned it, the weight familiar even if she remember nothing else. She stared up at it, at the shining metal of it, too light and too heavy at once.

What would Rinelle even believe of it all? What was Mint allowed to say when so much of it felt like secrets not meant for the general public? Mint hadn't even really told the Scions about much of any of it.

...Clenching their fist, Mint unsummoned the blade in a sharp motion and sat forward. It didn't matter, Rinelle just needed to know Mint was alive.

'Hey Rinelle, I have no idea what news has reached you about current events. The most important thing is that I'm fine, and...'