FFXIV Write Day 10: Extra Credit (Saying Goodbyes)

"Are you sure about this Raha? I know how you feel but." Krile cut herself off, not even able to finish the thought. Or even think it.

G'raha adjusted his robes, and gave a smile, like it would make up for what came after. "The Calm has ended. If, if she were here, I know she would try. So please. Let me honor her memory."

'She didn't raise you, you absolute mi'qitten of a man. You don't owe her this debt.' Krile thought and did not say. 'And she were here, she wouldn't want you to be forced to perform the Grand Summoning. Perform Sendings yes, protect people yes. But not this.'

Krile sighed, and returned the smile, just like it did make up for it all. Even (especially) if it didn't. "Well, be careful. There's a lot of danger on the way so travel safely. Tataru would bring you back and kill you herself if you damaged your robes."

"Of course!"