5th moon, umbralday 1580

Krile left a little while ago. She was loath to leave me alone, but really, I just want to think.

I have my memories back, now, or as many as I may ever get. I still don't remember anything before my 12th year, and I suspect I never will. The hole brings dark suspicions to my mind, but these memories can stay gone. After all, perhaps they never existed at all.


The thought I am left with, is. Well, my dreams. I have always felt this longing for something else. Something missing. A need to KNOW. I thought it was just the lack of memories. That if I bridged the void, I would feel whole, things would make sense.

Now I know, that I needed a different knowledge. What would it cost to find out. Leaving my friends? Leaving G'raha? Elidibus would say to let them stay gone. But is that right?
Can I abandon them?