tell you a tale (over the last drops)
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genre  —  cowboy horror
status  —  complete
started  —  march 2022
pov  —  multi pov
wordcount  —  3953 words
label  —  fanfic


It's been a long time since the heyday of the west, traveller. Once this place was the stomping ground of myths and legends... it still is, but the people aren't around to tell them anymore.

Three teens prepare for a journey into the unknown. One is a normal boy, blessed by his connections alone. One comes from a fallen city, and grips her new life tight. And the last is desperate to see new horizons, and escape this small town.

...the godlings are watching.



Character One: Sora is, in many ways, completely out of the loop for this story. He's here for his friends, through thick and thin... but I must say, just what does Sora know about the events here?
Character Two: Riku just wants to leave town, in the end. He's the only character I never write from the perspective of, and in many ways that's very intentional. After all, even though he wants to leave with his friends, his goals at this point are more important.
Character Three: Kairi is the most interesting character here, to me. In canon, Kairi feels very lost, and some shades of that linger. However, the touch of the Godlings is hard to sway.


Interesting Thing #1: So, I had to cut this, but Aerith was originally slated to appear as a Life-blessed. She channeled those powers through a portable desert bee hive. She'd go from town to town pollinating what few plants were out there, after Radiant Waters' fall. In fact, I had a lot of thoughts about Radiant Waters, but, well. Interesting Thing #2: I left it ambigious, but there is a mystery left in the text about just what happened that night in Radiant Waters. A man in black, speading rot, and Kairi was saved by a pack of coyotes... but just what was the man in black's goal? Why was Vengeance there? Who was she avenging? I wonder...