shot in the dark
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genre  —  hurt/comfort, fantasy
status  —  incomplete
started  —  august 2021
pov  —  multi pov
wordcount  —  19,376 words
label  —  fanfic


By and far my biggest AU to date, Shot in the Dark is the main AU centering around my Warrior of Light, Mint Nainyene. The 'verse is a fusion of Kingdom Hearts and FF14. A reincarnation of the Player Character from Kingdom Hearts Union Cross, Mint has lost her every memory and was quickly swept into perilous waters of Eorzia.

Most of the AU is backloaded into Shadowbringer and later in the timeline, but the AU touches on all parts of FFXIV and even parts of Kingdom Hearts.



Mint Nainyene: Mint, without memories, leads the narrative forward at her own pace. The interplay between what she hopes from her memories and the Pandora's box they actually contain is half the conflict of the series. Just what does lie within that endless dark?

G'raha Tia: G'raha Tia became a main character almost unintentionally, but in hindsight, its almost inevitable. G'raha acts as a foil, after all, not just to Mint but also her own forgetten friends. Perhaps something is almost familiar about him, to her.


Interesting Thing #1: There's actually a crossover with another one of my fics in this fic! The worldbuilding present in retry, continue is actually canon to shot in the dark as well! Interesting Thing #2: I've made it fairly clear that Mint is supposed to be Player KH, but what about Player's canon fate? Well, I wonder...?