Distorted Shadows: Royal

Between dreams and reality, death and life... Sora falls from Shibuya tower into another world.
Akira and friends find a boy who looks suspiciously like a video game character who won't wake up.
A Kingdom Hearts and Persona 5 crossover.

tell you a tale (over the last drops)

It's been a long time since the heyday of the west, traveller...
Three teens prepare for a journey into the unknown. One is a normal boy, blessed by his connections alone. One comes from a fallen city, and grips her new life tight. And the last is desperate to see new horizons, and escape this small town.
...the godlings are watching.
A cowboy western horror story.

retry, continue?

It was said that keyblade wielders were almost able to see the future, on the battlefield. That no blow could touch them, and ambushes were seemingly useless against their powers.

Sora has heard these words, and fought these battles before.
A time loop AU.

a fraud, coming undone

Left to her own devices, Kairi searches her heart for any clues to Sora's disappearance.

She finds someone there. Someone familiar...but entirely out of place.
(A Kairi meets Player AU.)