Mint Nainyene, traveller and adventurer, at your service.

An adventurer and Warrior of Light, Mint Nainyene has always been defined less by her deeds, and more by her desperate need to know who she is in the world. Kindness comes easily, to any but herself.

While her journeys have sent her far and wide, endless adventures still await.
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Questions and Answers:

All of these questions were found and can be credited to the Bookclub Discord! Some are reposted from twitter and those will have an @ in the credit!

How old is your WOL?

At the start of ARR, I think I place her at about...18 or 19? I sometimes go back and forth on this, but the youngest I've considered is 17.

What are the origins of your OC? Did you pick something deeply symbolic for them? Did you get fantasynamegenerators throw names at you until you liked one? Or just went "I like mushrooms in Genshin, they just have a nice shape, I'm gonna name an OC Mushroom" (from Valor!)

Mint's my usual psued nowadays, and Nainyene was a word from an old conlang of mine. It was months ago, but I think it translated to something about stars???

What kind of food is your WOL guaranteed to enjoy? (from sapphiaren!)

Food. Legitimately, I think this is the best shot

What flower does Tataru associate your OC with? (from Farsong!)

I feel like forget-me-nots or hydrangeas are probably it. Mint had a hydrangea bunch in their hair for the longest time so theres a good chance.

What’s something your OC/WoL will never let go of? Objects, feelings, memories, traditions, etc? (from IcyCreamSandwich!)

Their lost past. They're more than the person they were before they lost their memories, but even still, they cant go of their quest to find everything out.

How does your OC feel about their gender? How do they express it? Have they had a significant change from one identity to another? (from sapphiaren!)

Mint is definitely like.... fem leaning non-binary? They start off wearing mostly skirts and dresses since they were fostered in a fairly well off merchants home, but while they lean fem...they start feeling less comfortable with the idea of being Perceived as fem and only fem around Shadowbringers as more of their memories start to surface.
Thankfully, Feo Ul is there to help and after that point, Mint starts dressing more androgynously and using Fae made half-fantasias to change their physical presentation on the fly. They still wear dresses sometimes, and feel more comfy now that they Know they arent stuck with just that.

...its complicated! Like everything else with their identity hahaha!

(Speaking of) I have an on going thing in fic where in private they like presenting more feminine, but when they consider Actually doing that in front of other people (IE not their partner) they freeze up.
Gender folks! Its scarier than the end of days!

What kind of author would your WoLs be? (from Calla!)

She has a ton of psueds, and at least one is for Ardbert. Mint herself probably has only one really long weirdly heartfelt slow burn.

What does your WOL/OC's adventuring journal look like? Are there scribbles in the margins, or is it neat and organized? Do they paste in bits and pieces of their adventures?(from @mischiefmillyx)

Mint keeps a somewhat messy journal. Her actual notes are fairly neat, but its mostly a place where she draws anything that catches her interest. Vistas, dogs, people... all sorts of things. Sometimes she has to leave it behind, so often she'll place a bunch of loose leaf paper in the journal to fill in for those times.

Everything is written in scalan rather than common though, so no one can understand her notes for better or worse.

What's a bounty, advertisement, job offer, or anything else your oc would put on a market or community board? (from sapphiaren!)

Mint has posted a bunch of 'missing person' posters that literally correspond to no one on the planet, probably.

Would your wolships/ocships wear matching costumes with their S/O(s)? Would they be super into it or would it be more doing it to make the other(s) happy? (from io!)

I dont think communication is their highpoint, so G'raha's gonna wear something like, a gaelicat hoodie or a 'WOL' costume, and then Mint's gonna pull up in an extra looking 'masquerade' outfit...

Where does your WoL/OC call home? Are they a resident of a big city, a small settlements, or are they a nomad? Are they still in their hometown, or have they moved around a lot? Where would they live if they could choose? (from Chaos!)

In their time in Eorzia, Mint has called roughly four places home. In order:

  • Her foster fathers place in Outer Shroud. Mint doesnt go there much anymore, though, since she left to become an adventurer. She visits, I guess?
  • Mint had an apartment above the Rising Stones for the Longest time. Its basically in an attic, but she spent most of MSQ living there! She's thinking about moving out post Endwalker though. She'd feel bad messing up the vanishing of the scions. (For images, I have the build in my housing page!)
  • Over the course of her adventurers, Mint saved up for an apartment in Kugane! Its small, but sometime she wants to be on another continent from all her problems.
  • Lastly, after she helped out with the Firmament, they held onto a bit of land for her! Mint has a small little house there, and its probably where she mostly lives post Endwalker.

Show us what beanie baby you would assign to your wol/oc either to represent them or one you think they would own. (from @sanquines!)

Does Meteor exist in any way in your OCs canon? Have they met? What's the relationship? (from sapphiaren!)

Hmm, I kinda headcanon that Meteor is the WOL that died in the calamity and made the deal with Mint for her to be reborn? But its a bit of backstory I've left loose to this day...

What colour are your ocs's souls? Does that colour represent something and/or reflect how they are a person? Does it even match the colour palette that they personally prefer for their own appearance? (from Alne!)

I often describe Azem's soul as "summer blue skies, golden edged sunsets." It's a good compromise between the in MSQ reference's to the WOL's soul being blue, and my desire for Azem gold associations.

I don't know what Mint's soul looks like at the moment though. Her last reincarnation went kinda funky and I kinda suspect it looks a bit different now... If its anything like Azem's though, it doesn't match her color scheme at all, haha! Mint is All green, All the time.

In order for Azem's soul to be sundered into fourteen shards, it's canon that Azem died to Hydaelyn's Sundering. But if there were another way for your Azem to die during the Final Days, what would it be? Would they get sacrificed to Zodiark, die to a blasphemy, or something different? (from Calla!)

Mint's Azem turned away from the Convocation and Venat, and tried to find the source herself.

If she died pre sundering, what I imagine is that she tracked down a blasphemy, which caused a cave in, mid fight.... After all, they said the sound seemed to come from deep beneath the earth, and so, thats where she tracked a blasphemy to, hoping it was the source...

What is your WOL/OCs opinion on the concept of things like "destiny" and "fate"?

Do they believe everything in life is preordained? Or is their future completely in their own hands?

Similarly, do they believe in soulmates? (Platonic or otherwise) (from @MiqoteBrigade)

Believes, but if you directly asked her, she'd say wants to punch destiny in the face. Its sort of like.... shes certain that it exists. Its one of those things that she doesnt realize she shouldnt be so certain of, and can't explain if you ask. (*⋆*hashtag just amnesia things*⋆*)

But at the same time, its because shes so confident in it, that she doesnt agree with it. My wol wants to make her own fate, no matter what.

That said, soulmates dont exist though. Mint definitely laughs those off. "Wow, soulmates?? That's way too positive a thing to come from fate," or something hahaha.

Any notable nightmares that keep your OCs from a nice night of sleep, or daydreams that they drift to during yet another stuffy meeting? Any and all deams or dream-adjacent thoughts are welcome. (from Squiddicus!)

Mint has lots and lots of nightmares!

From early on, she's had nightmares of getting memories back, but those memories feel all wrong. As the dream goes on, it feels like more and more of herself is replaced by someone Other.
Post 5.0, these dreams evolve to be ardbert or Azem's memories that she's replaced by. Alternatively, sometimes Mint dreams she is them, and doesn't realize anything's wrong until is far too late. On those nights, sometimes its hard for her to remember her own name when she wakes. Its getting better around 6.0, but well.......

Rarely, she dreams of a clocktower, whose ticking reverberates through her whole body. She's running to catch up to someone, but the clock chimes before she can make it. Half the time, she wakes up to her chest aching like someone stabbed her.

On the rarest nights, sometimes she dreams of a desert littered with blades. Post 4.5, it bleeds with her memories of the Ghimlyt Dark.

So what's your OC as a Lightwarden? (from ileza!)

Mint's lightwarden form is called Philautia.
Shes named this for the vast number of masks that adorn her many wings. Her entire body is made of wings, replacing even her legs because Mint can't take another step, Ardbert. She's sorry.

Each mask represents a person who's memories Mint carries instead of her own, and each speaks with that voice. (You never hear her own voice.)

In the bad end I wrote for this, Philautia ends up warping their form further by connecting to an even greater source of light, leading to the second image.


All sin eaters are named "Forgiven [negative quality]". What would be your WoL/OC's sin eater name? (from Calla!)

Philautia, named after the masks she carries. She ironically has identity issues,

Which is, of course, a joke on the fact that philautia means 'self love!'

And as for a more standard sin eater name, maybe Forgiven Longing?

Your WOL succumbed to the light, and now the scions have to go toe to toe with them to save their most beloved comrade, and the world--what music track do you think would be the perfect one for them? (from Atlas!)

This song!

Soooo twirls hair if your WoL went bad end, what would their trial/raid be like? What's their enrage cast name? (from @euladarnus)

I have a few different bad ends, though now I want to add more LMAO

The main pre planned one is my Lightwarden AU, where after being turned into a Lightwarden, Mint is suseptible to Xehanort's call to his other selves. (This technically isn't canon anymore, but can you imagine?)
When she gets there, the Lightwarden through sheer force of aether, makes things even worse by claiming the X-blade for herself.

From there, its a fight between Emet-Selch (unfortunately realizing hes destroying Azem down to the soul is forced to help) and allies (grudging) versus Lightwarden Mint.

First phase would be fairly straight forward beam aoes. (In the bg, Emet and everyone else are arguing about what to do haha.)

Phase two (75% health), the Lightwarden starts taking them seriously. This is an add phase, and Mint splits off each of their wings into seperate sin eaters, for a total of six. One of them is Azem and yes, this sucks for Emet.

In the background, Mint is charging a cast called "Paradise's Return", and you need to save LB3 for it (even if its very tempting to LB3 the adds instead.). Here she says, "Enough. We... have to go back. Theres something missing." When it finally goes off, if any of the adds are still around they get powered up and you wipe.

Anyway. That cast is the start of phase three. When she casts it, the world warps around the party, and when the screen returns to normal, the battlefield has been reshaped to be the plaza of her hometown. (Daybreak Town :) ) It looks peaceful and perfect, but above, the sky is warped by the sheer light. I dont really know what kind of mechanics we got in here. They're annoying I guess. Probably something along the lines of buildings getting thrown at you as circle aoes with knockback. You need to line up the knockbacks to avoid a donut aoe plus cone attack she does. Just, y'know high end raid things.

At 25% we hit the final phase. This opens up with a quicktime as Emet, Ephemera, and Sora finally (and grudgingly) work together. Using their powers combined, they try to reach out to Mint's heart, which opens up a memory phase ala Tsukiyomi.

If all goes well... maybe you save her? But more likely, they manage to drive off the light just enough to let her die as herself, and her defeat line is "I'm so sorry." as a fun cinimatic parallel LMAO

Maybe they can do something about the primordial light, IDK what happens with all that. Maybe Sora's a Lightwarden now, IDK not my problem

The 6.0 role quests teach us that the motivations of blasphemies are dictated by the motivations of the people they once were. What would your WoL get up to if they succumbed to despair? (from Calla!)

Mint would bail, full stop. This whole time shes been delayed by this or that, but as a blasphemy she'd just. Leave.

She knows where her past is, its not Etheirys, and she is Going. (Does this mean that Meteion is led to another world that is now going to fall to despair? Maybe.)

If your OC was an NPC in XIV, what would they be like? Would they be a duty support character? What kind of questline would they potentially have in what location? Would they unlock anything? (from Bean!)

A weird collab (with KHUX canon) event where shes travelled to this world under mysterious circumstances.

You probably get a Chirithy minion as the collab reward.

If your OC was a Scion NPC, how long would they have spent in the first between the patches and SHB and where would they go/what would they do until like, the actual WoL showed up? (from kavita!)

Mint would probably come back a good three years ahead of the WOL, and probably would spend most of her time travelling. Mostly, she stares at the Empty, feeling very frustrated she cant explore past there. She probably tries to go there at least once and is driven back by hoards of sin eaters

How does your OC feel about Hildibrand? (from @soujiologist)

There's something about Hildibrand thats very soothing to my WOL. Perhaps its the way everything around him is pure nonsense and she can turn her brain off? No responcibilities here... only chaos.

What if instead of exclusively summoning the scions, exarch summoned the 5 people closest to wol resulting in a hilarious mix of very confused npcs that the exarch has to babysit until wol gets there? (from @nocheamarga)

It'd be mostly the same, but imagine if feral cat Subject X was here. Just. Imagine.

If Jesse or Tataru were to make a mammet of your WoL how would it behave? (from Erenri)

if holding a keyblade: mint does a cute little pose holding it up!

if holding dnc chakrams: tosses them around skillfully, but then one hits her on the back of the head

What does your WoL/OC like to do for fun when they're not saving the world? (from Calla)

Mint has a variety of little pastimes. Like triple triad.

But Mint also loves to travel for its own sake. Aetheryte travel isn't that taxing for her, so when she has time, she likes to go back and poke through different spots and maybe draw a little. They've practically got a travelogue in that sketchbook of theirs, not that anyone beyond their close friends and family will ever get to see it.

Beyond that..... I think at this point, Mint's turned into a bit of foodie. She can't cook beyond fairly simple fair, but well. Being Warrior of Light pays good enough to eat out. (Said travelogue, is what's probably the best collection of international/interworld eateries.)

If your character had to write/has written ONE book, what would it be about? Would it be something published for the world to see or would it be closer to a book made for personal satisfaction and not necessarily something that was made to be read? (from Lys)

A travel guide on eating across the three continents (and beyond!)

Is your WoL good with money or are they Estinien II Electric Boogaloo? And do they hold any sources of income that don't involve being the WoL? (from Calla)

Mint does so much random nonsense thats gets her enough money that she is.... very much fine. She picks materials up between adventures, does odd jobs, hunt marks....

(On the other hand, she doesn't know what to spend it on, so most of it goes to food and.. nothing else. Her funds are always getting larger and...not really going anywhere. There's a reason she was able to buy an apartment.)

So how badly do you guys think your WoL was hurt after EW’s finale? Like for logistical reasons I know why they couldn’t show it but like. (from @ThatOneDiviner)

Honestly, I think my WOL honestly did manage to heal all their wounds (maybe theres a handful of new scars across the arms, and maybe they also had some bloodloss but it got healed-ish), but blew their reserves of aether so bad. That is why they were on bedrest.

Unfortunately, even if you can source a lot of magic cost off of dynamis, there is only so much physical material (ie aether) to go around!

I'm curious to hear which of the many antagonists in either the MSQ or other side content that your WoL saw and realized that in some ways this villain was a reflection of themselves, in a mirror, darkly. Someone who while they still fully oppose, they also feel like the roles could have been reversed in a different timeline. (from Duderlybob!)


When they had the confrontation in 5.3, and she realized that he'd lost all his sense of identity in the pursuit of duty, she felt a kinship with him.

After all, she's never gotten her memories back. What if she simply threw herself into her duties further? Allowed the ghosts of azem creep into her own sense of self...

Follow up!
Canon implies that Zenos is your WoL's mirror. Is this true for your WoL/OC? If not, who would be your WoL's mirror? Or perhaps their feared self made manifest? If Zenos is your WoL's mirror, why/how so? (from @StoryxSummoner!)

Setting Zenos aside, I think the most interesting mirror Mint has is Elidibus.

Elidibus has lost his memories, and now only lives for his duty. His responsibilities. Most importantly though, he doesnt want these memories back, he freely discards them as the risk of forgetting again means that Elidibus thinks its better this way.

Mint on the other hand, has lost her memories, and desperately, desperately, wants them back. But why does she want them? Though she has no memory of it, at heart, it is her fear for those she protected. She needs to know if they are okay. It's responsibility, once again.

But, the important part: as a result, Mint doesnt ever reflect on who she is now. Elidibus is focused on the present duty and far future goals he works towards. While Mint's trapped between being the Warrior of Light and her past, making no progress towards either...

How often does your oc swear? Do they have any expletives that are unique to them or their culture? Are they teaching swear words to kids or stopping others from swearing around them? (from sapphiaren!)

I feel like Mint swears a good bit, but mostly when shes around people she's comfortable and not stressed in the wrong way? Sometimes, stress makes her quiet, so swearing is usually a good sign.

Also, the type of swearing can be a good sign of her headspace in other ways! It depends on the circumstance, but prior to 5.3 on, swearing by 'the Light' was generally a sign she was starting to disassociate into her lost memories a bit too much. I think Ardbert's ememries leaking in might cause similar, at least in that his headspace is less likely to shut her down speaking wise?

I dunno, but who-ever's leaking in at a given moment influences how Mint talks.

Does your OC/WoL have any elements they are more in tune with than others? Are there some they don't get along with at all? Does this make it easier or harder for them to use magic, whether it's aligned with said element? Do they imbue their weapons/gear with any elements? (from Chaos!)

Okay, comically? I had already mentally thought ice, fire, and wind. When I checked the elemental chart for those, that's the astral elements only? (In gameplay, I always forget my Thunder III in my BLM rotation as well, so.)

I've always characterized her as finding these three particularly intuitive, to a level unseen on Eorzia. They're almost casual, its something she had to be trained out of when she became a thaumaturge.

That said, Thunder isn't quite casual, but around a standard casters level. Water and earth, on the other hand, are difficult at best.

Question #129: If the Eorzea Café added your WOL/OC as the newest addition to their menu, what would their themed dish/drink be? (from @aetherflows!)

Mint tea, with a side of shortbread cookies. The cookies are decorated with the Azem symbol in chocolate and gold dust.

What languages does your oc know? (from sapphiaren!)

Mint's languages: She gets away with a lot with the echo in hand, tbh... (I also HC that the keyblade Also grants the same kind of buff, so in Heavensward she never lost the ability to communicate.) -Common eorzian. Its a little rough around the edges. Sometimes, she just doesnt know a word and subsitutes it in. The only way you can tell is the accent changes just a bit. (She always sounds oddly american.)
-Something I nickname old Scalan. (Its a kh thing, hahaha.)
-norvrandt common (from ardbert. fun bonus of getting memories leaking in like a sieve! its a bit rougher than even eorzean since its reliant on memory leakage and that can depend on the day.)
-Weenwoon. Its the exact same situation as the Ardbert one, but even more scattershot. More funny is the fact that whenever she learns the name of a concept that she doesnt already know back on Elpis, that is the word she uses for it later. In weenwoon. Forever.
-Writing wise, she can read Eorzean common, but her handwriting is awful even after all these years. She still writes in old Scalan, and no, there isn't anyone alive who can read it.

Your OC has just been spotted by the Scions of the Seventh Dawn, and you’re on the verge of recruitment… except, almost overnight, the threat of primals and Ascians alike has all but vanished. The final days have already been averted. Garlemald has entered into a new era of peace. The First is safe, and G’raha never entered the tower. There is no longer a need for a Warrior of Light. There is no refusal of the call; there was no call to begin with.
What is your OC up to, and what have they been up to since A Realm Reborn? (from Rigby!)

Mint probably wanders off into the wilderness, exploring. There's no guiding throwline to keep her from trying to learn more about her past, so she ends up wandering further and further. I'm not entirely sure if she'd ever get her memories back in this timeline, but I think she'd actually come to peace with it a lot more.

She'd end up helping people, and drawing vistas, and, in general, becomes more of a cryptid overall.


Art by orion! She's showing off her keyblade, running amok, and holding onto a dear keepsake.

Art by me of her using the weapon as a golf club :)

Art by me of her being the COOLEST fisher!